Wimborne Road East Ferndown - Sustainable Travel Scheme

Construction will begin on the 28 March 2022 with completion early August 2022. To reduce the
impact of the scheme, construction of the project has been broken down into sections up-to 400m long.
Please be aware that there will be temporary traffic light traffic management while these works are taking
There will be a temporary lane closure on Wimborne Road East (westbound) for 300m from Tricketts
Cross roundabout. The lane closure will commence on the 28 March 2022 until the 14 April 2022.
During this lane closure a diversion will be in place.
This lane closure is necessary for the safe construction of the new cycleway/footway works. It is
essential to prevent traffic blocking back, from the temporary traffic lights, causing congestion across
Tricketts Cross roundabout.
Access to properties within the lane closure area will be maintained. However, access will only be from the west for residents (Wimborne) direction.
Please see the attached plans for details of the closure and the diversion route.