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Thanks to all those who donated over the Jubilee events. The £161.34 raised was given to the Ukraine Children’s Appeal Ukraine Relief. A presentation of the money can be viewed in the pictures above. 

The Ukraine Relief volunteers have been busy packing ‘bags of love’ for the children of Ukraine, items such as toys, clothing, bubbles, pencils, note pads, bears, baby blankets and tooth brushes are been packed in bags and taken to the children of Ukraine. They have already packed 3000 bags and are in need of items to keep the bags going. If you have items you can donate please either drop them off at Castlepoint, located next to Asda, or to Ferndown Town Council located in the Barrington Centre where there is a dedicated drop off room.

On 18th May 2022 Councillor Hanson Graham was invited to an appreciation evening at the Argos centre at Castlepoint Bournemouth to receive his and Ferndown Town Council’s certificate for work they have done in collecting aid to help the war torn people of Ukraine. The evening was well attended with approx 100 supporters including the Mayor of Bournemouth and a bar and buffet full of traditional Ukrainian food was laid on.
Supporters were there to receive their certificates of appreciation from Karol Swiacki the campaign leader.

Karol Swiacki the owner of ‘Ukraine Relief’ visited Ferndown Town council offices.
This was to thank the council staff and the local committee for their help and donations with a presentation of their “certificate of appreciation”  for Aid for Ukraine.

The facility will be open for many more months and your contribution goes a long way. Much of this goes straight to the front lines of the Donbas and Kharkiv regions. Thanks again to everyone who has brought in donations.