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Twinning Association

Since 1994, Ferndown has been twinned with the pretty little town of Segré, about 110 miles south of Caen and 20 miles north-west of Angers in the Haut-Anjou area of France. With a population of around 10,000 people, Segré has a long history and boasts its own castle as well as a splendidly ornate Hôtel de Ville.

The name "Segré" is believed to come from the Latin “Secretum” which means “isolated”. Segré has been inhabited from earliest times. Tribes naturally settled in this fertile land with its rivers and hills.

Situated in the confluence of the rivers Oudon and Verzee, Segré is the main town of the Haut –Anjou Segréen region. It is close to the many chateaux and vineyards of the Loire.

Segré is proud of its modern facilities which include a sports stadium, an open-air swimming pool, a cultural centre and theatre, a race course and a river marina. Once famous for its slate mines, it now has a thriving economy based on light industry. The town still produces chocolates and cakes coloured blue representing the local slate which forms the roofs of many of the regions houses.

Every two years, as a rule, the Ferndowners spend a few days in the homes of Segréen families and in alternate years they return similar hospitality in Ferndown. We also try to assist local schools, sports clubs and cultural groups that wish to establish links with their counterparts in Segré. All this provides excellent opportunities to experience life in each other's countries and promotes mutual understanding and respect. 

Ferndowners most recently visited Segré in August 2017 and a party of Segréens will be coming to Ferndown in August 2018 staying with local families and visiting nearby attractions.