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The Town Council and its Committees

The Town Council meets approximately six times a year and has four main committees. Each committee has the power to make decisions on behalf of the Town Council on certain matters, and will make recommendations on other matters for approval by the full Town. Sometimes urgent decisions are required and there is a mechanism for this where necessary. Each Town Councillor receives papers for every committee they are part of. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor will receive papers for all committee meetings. Each Councillor has the right to attend and speak at all committee meetings, although they may only vote if they are a member of the committee. Members of the public may attend meetings of the Council and its Committees.

Mission Statement 

The Mission Statement of the Ferndown Town Council is to work with other agencies to provide a safe, high quality environment to meet the needs of residents and visitors and defend the best interests of the Town for the benefit of everyone.

The Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Natural Environment Committee

The Recreation, Leisure and Amenities Committee

The Planning Consultative Committee

The Barrington Centre Management Committee