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Lawrence Wilson

Ameysford Ward

I was born in Poole and have lived in Ferndown all my life. Whilst growing up I attended all three Ferndown schools and was a member of several local activity groups, such as the Cubs and the ATC.

I have done a variety of jobs over the years, including market trading, working in a restaurant, warehousing, office work and delivery driving. However, I mainly come from a retail management background, but I now work for the Civil Service. I’ve worked part time for minimum wage, and I’ve been a manager, so I feel with my varied work experience I have gained a lot of real-life knowledge, something that often seems to be missing from national politics, sadly.

I’ve been a Town Councillor for Ferndown since being co-opted in 2015 and I have served on both the Planning and Environment Committees. I was elected in the 2019 local elections when the residents of Ameysford Ward gave me the honour of representing them when they voted for me. I will put the concerns and wishes of the local residents at the top of my agenda.

During my time as a Councillor I have been involved with many projects, but protecting our environment and wildlife is a particular passion of mine. I’ve served on the Ecological Working Party since 2018 and I have helped plant trees and installed many bat and bird boxes around the town. I am passionate about protecting our green belt and will fight against any development on these sites.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, anything to do with history, nature and the outdoors, including long walks with my girlfriend and our dogs. I also love socialising and pubs!

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