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Ian Flay

Central North Ward

Ian has worked in Ferndown all his life and is a mechanical engineer by trade; he owns Ferndown Commercials Ltd based on the Ferndown Industrial Estate. It's a family run business with strong support from family members. 

Ian was born and grew up in Ferndown. He married a local girl - Lesley and they have two grown up daughters. His great grandparents, on his mother's side used to own a farm which has now become the Angel pub. The family operated a dairy farm and delivered milk locally in Ferndown. With a close affinity for the land Ian combines his business Ferndown Commercials Ltd with cattle and sheep farming. He specialises in keeping Ruby Red Devon cattle.

So why did Ian want to join the council?

He is interested in environmental issues and particularly the way companies and people treat the environment. He was challenged by his father after stopping along the road at White Sheet Common, Holt and picking up the litter for the umpteenth time. Complaining about the litter the response was ‘OK, rather than keep on moaning about it, get on and do something about it’.

When the opportunity arose to stand for one of the council positions Ian applied. He already has experience of being on a council as he has been the Treasurer for the Isuzu Truck Dealer council for 20 years. Since the council environment committee is over-subscribed Ian was given the opportunity to become a member on the Planning committee and the Youth Services committee. He's learning and coming up to speed on planning and is hoping to attend further training at East Dorset District Council. He is looking forward to speaking up for the Ferndown community.