Telephone:01202 892 249

Mandy Willis

Hampreston & Longham Ward

I was born and raised in Parkstone and spent much of my career working in the insurance industry before moving into mobile telecommunications.

I moved to Longham with my husband 4 years ago and became heavily involved in campaigning on local issues including the speed and volume of traffic on our local roads.

I am passionate about the natural world and enjoy cycling and walking. I feel we are so lucky to live here, from our green spaces, to our historic buildings, our wildlife and of course our beautiful river, lakes and countryside walks. Protecting and enhancing all this is important to me.

I wholeheartedly support the residents of Hampreston and Longham in their quest to reduce the volume and speed of traffic on our local roads.

Traffic congestion and pollution has reached critical levels and I am committed to do all I can to improve the situation and bring about a better quality of life for us all.