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Cathy Lugg

Ameysford Ward

I have lived in Ferndown since 2004. My late husband, Steve, was born in Dorset and we came to live here when he was in the Army.
I have three children, two step-children and so far, six grandchildren.

For twenty years I worked at Ferndown library, where I was able to indulge my passion for books. Ferndown is a great place to live and I want excellent facilities and services for our residents, whilst getting best value for money.

Our residents are my priority, especially those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable. I am concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Ferndown, and don't want to see our children move away because we can't afford to live here. I was involved in preparing Ferndown Town Plan and hope to achieve the lowering of the speed limit through Longham soon.

I am a member of Ferndown British Legion and am in support of work they do locally, and nationally.

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