Telephone:01202 892 249

The Councillors

Currently we have two groups and one independent representing residents of Ferndown

Local Conservatives - (LC)
Independent a Voice for Ferndown Residents - (IAVFFR)
Independent Longham Resident - (ILR)

Ameysford Ward

  • Picture of Cllr Mr J L Baxter

    Cllr Baxter


  • Picture of Cllr Mrs C Lugg

    Cllr Mrs Lugg


  • Picture of Cllr Mr L Wilson

    Cllr Wilson


Central Ward

  • Picture of Cllr Mr S Fleetham

    Cllr Fleetham


  • Picture of Cllr Mr M R Parkes

    Cllr Parkes


Central North Ward

  • CllrIanFlay

    Cllr Flay


  • Picture of Cllr Mr H Worth

    Cllr Worth

    LC - Deputy Mayor

Hampreston & Longham Ward

  • Picture of Cllr Mr P H Graham

    Cllr Hanson Graham


  • Picture of Cllr Mr M Stickley

    Cllr Stickley


  • Picture of Cllr MS M Willis

    Cllr Willis


Links Ward

  • Picture of Cllr A Miller

    Cllr Miller


  • Picture of Cllr Mrs J Robinson

    Cllr Mrs Robinson

    LC - Mayor

  • Picture of Cllr Ms K Stamp

    Cllr Stamp


Links South Ward

  • Picture of Cllr R Adkins

    Cllr Adkins


  • Picture of Cllr Mr T Cordery

    Cllr Cordery

Stapehill Ward

  • Picture of Cllr Mr N J Wellstead

    Cllr Wellstead


Mission Statement

Ferndown Town Council works with other agencies to provide a safe, high quality environment to meet the needs of residents and visitors and defend the best interests of the Town for the benefit of everyone.

Aims and objectives

  • To enable residents of Ferndown and its surroundings to enjoy high quality social, recreational and cultural facilities within the Town and seek the continuing improvement and development of these facilities in accordance with the wishes of residents.
  • To encourage and promote the economic and commercial vitality of Ferndown.
  • To preserve the unique identity of Ferndown and promote its heritage.
  • To ensure the harmony exists between commercial, ecological and residential requirements.
  • To consult with and take due regard of all comments received from other statutory bodies, voluntary organisations and individuals, to ensure an improving standard of service to meet local needs.
  • To represent the views and wishes of the people of Ferndown.
  • To help create a socially inclusive and caring community, which embraces all residents, irrespective of their circumstances.