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Ferndown Town Council Staff

Working for the Town Council and the King George V Charity

Office Staff

The Town Council office is to be found in Ferndown Town centre at the Barrington Centre. Our offices are open to the public from 9:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Vanessa Ricketts is our CiLCA qualified Town Clerk and is now a Fellow of the Society of Local Council Clerks; she is the Council's chief financial officer and its 'proper officer' for all purposes according to statute. Vanessa is responsible for the day to day management and development of the Town Council, as well as liaison with councillors and other authorities. Vanessa is also the Administrator of the King Georges Fields Charity.

Maria Follan is our full time Administration Manager; she has a wide range of duties, manages office staff and is responsible for the Town Council's Traffic Working Party, Allotments and Youth Services Committees.

Tina Dudley is our full time Committee Administrator and is responsible for the Town Council's Planning and Environment Committees.

Trudy Sollazzo is our part-time Finance Officer for the Town Council and Treasurer of the King Georges Fields Charity. She is responsible for the accounts of both organisations.

Susan Denton is our part-time Administrative Assistant and is responsible for taking and writing up the minutes of various committees of the Council.

Kate Osborne is our part-time Personal Assistant to the Mayor and the Town Clerk and is responsible for organising the mayor's civic events and managing the mayor's attendance at events in and around the Ferndown area. She also assists the Town Clerk dealing with day-to-day correspondence and general enquiries.

Pam Ansell is our part-time Community Engagement Officer responsible for communicating with the community via social media online and paper publications.

Our Customer Service Assistants and Office Administrators are Laura Elgie and Sara Ison who work part-time in reception.

Youth Centre Staff

 front of building

Our Youth Service Centre staff are based on the grounds of Ferndown First School. The youth club will provide a space for young people to go that enables them to take part in informal learning, access support and advice and perhaps most importantly of all have fun in a safe environment. 

Aaron Fellows is the youth worker in charge at Ferndown Youth Centre with Tasha Steele as the youth worker. They both look forward to meeting Ferndown’s young people and working within the community.   

Ground Staff

Our ground staff are based at the King George V Pavilion which is owned by the King Georges Fields Charity in Peter Grant Way, Ferndown, BH22 9EN.

Reporting to the Town Clerk, our Head Groundsman, Keith Wilcox, leads the ground staff team of Senior Groundsman, Alan Bradford.

They maintain the grounds and sports facilities of both the Town Council and the King Georges Fields Charity. and also take bookings and payment for hire of tennis courts, bowls greens and cricket and football pitches.

Keith also supervises the work of the KGV Pavilion Housekeeper, Christine Wilcox and the Town Lengthsman, Mel Foxhall.

As Lengthsman, Mel works in and around Ferndown to improve our environment and street scene. His duties include maintaining flower beds, pruning bushes and trees, removing litter, cleaning, painting and maintaining Rights of Way, stiles and fences.


Local Government Transparency Code 2015

Under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 the Council publishes and updates its pay multiplier annually

Senior Salaries at Ferndown Town Council 2018-19

Under the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 and Local Government Transparency Code 2015, local authorities are required to publish:

1. The number of employee whose remuneration in that year was at least £50,000 in brackets of £5,000;
2. Details of remuneration and job title of certain senior employees whose salary is at least £50,000;
3. Employees whose salaries are £150,000 or more must also be identified by name.

Ferndown Town Council has NO employees whose remuneration is over £50,000 per annum. The Council has NO employees whose salaries are over £150,000.

Pay Multiple at Ferndown Town Council

The ration between the highest taxable earnings for a given year and the median earnings figure for the whole of the Council’s workforce:

Total Gross Pay for the year ending 31-Mar-2017 = £199,811
Number of employees = 13
Average = £199,811 / 13 = £15,370
Ratio = 3:1