Temporary 30mph speed limit

DORSET COUNCIL has made an Order under Section 14 [1] of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, as amended. The Order is needed in order to comply with health and safety regulations which require the provision of safe working areas and to minimise the likelihood of danger to highway users. It will come into operation on 1st November 2021 and will remain in force for 18 months and can be extended with the approval of the Secretary of State for Transport if necessary; however, it is anticipated that the works will be completed by 31st March 2022.
This Order will enable Dorset Council to carry out Transforming Cities Fund Cycleway Improvement works.
The effect of the notice is to impose a temporary speed restriction of 30MPH within the working area (as indicated by signs on site), along A348 Ringwood Road, Longham from a point 140 metres south of Angel Lane to the double mini roundabouts.
If you would like further information about the work being undertaken and access arrangements, please call Dorset Highways TCF Team on 01305 225425. To discuss this Order, call Dorset Highways Traffic Team on 01305 221020 or email trafficteam@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk. Find this information online at dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/roadworks-events.
20th September 2021
JOHN SELLGREN, Executive Director of Place, Dorset Council, South Walks House, Dorchester DT1 1UZ. Any person
who uses or permits the use of a vehicle in contravention of the Order will be liable on summary conviction to a fine
not exceeding £1000

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