Holiday Activity and Food Fund

I am sure you are all familiar with our plans to ensure families in Dorset can enjoy enriching holiday activities this summer. We have been funded by the DfE to provide free places (and hot meals) for children who receive free school meals (FSM). 
In a couple of weeks, we will be opening the bookings for what will be a packed and exciting ‘Summer in Dorset’ face-to-face programme. We know from Easter (and last summer) that these do book up fast. We would hate for the FSM children in schools to miss out. 80% of families who accessed Easter in Dorset heard about it from their school!

FSM families need to pre-register to receive a passcode (via text/email). They can then enter/share this code when booking activities. 
They can register online: https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/summer-in-dorset or by calling 01305 252261.
Please do support any families who need help registering. If they registered for Easter, they don’t need to do it again. 
The listing will highlight SEND suitable activities. We are also including the short breaks programme and additional locality activities on this listing under the banner of Summer in Dorset.
If you have any questions: summerindorset@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk