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Ferndown Town Council would like to inform the residents of Ferndown that the Barrington Centre will close on the 31 March 2020 in order to facilitate a major refurbishment of the Centre. 

The works will include structural building works to the Café, Bar, Toilets and Box Office.  The front facing part of the building will be slightly extended out towards Tesco and a ramp will be built to enable disabled access to the Café area.  Whilst this work is under way a programme of maintenance work will also be undertaken involving electrical lighting, work to the heating system, new flooring and further work in the Theatre. 

Dorset Council have provided the funding to enable the Centre to be utilised by all members of our community and will provide the residents of Ferndown with a modern, updated and environmentally friendly Centre for the whole community to enjoy. 

The Mayor of Ferndown – Councillor Mrs Julie Robinson