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The new extended 30mph speed limit on Ringwood Road became effective on 20 September 2019.

Correspondence from Dorset Highways Authority

This reduced speed limit was installed in response to concerns raised by Ferndown Town Council. 

The newly reduced section of 30mph limit was agreed owing to a continued history of injury collisions on this section of Ringwood Road, particularly at the junction with Glenmoor Road.  As per Department for Transport guidance on setting speed limits, other speed management measures have been considered and introduced to prevent further collisions, including a speed camera, however, collisions have continued.  Speed limit reductions are typically used as a last resort to addressing collision problems.  The section of Ringwood Road that has recently been reduced to 30mph was assessed as meeting the criteria for 30mph limits on urban roads.

Dorset Highways Authority received several messages supporting the 30mph extension on Ringwood Road and no valid objections.

They have however, received one piece of correspondence that suggested that the 30mph extension was initiated by Dorset Police as a money-making exercise.  Everyone can be reassured that the proposal was not initiated by the Police as a money-making exercise but is a genuine attempt to make the road safer for all its users by Dorset Council.

The existing speed camera has been in place on Ringwood Road for many years and was installed to address speed related collision problems on Ringwood Road.  Evidence shows that collision problems, whilst improved have remained, which is why the 30mph limit was progressed.