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Anyone aged 40 – 74, who hasn’t had an NHS Health Check in the last 5 years and who doesn’t have an existing condition such as heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease or had a stroke is eligible for an NHS Health Check.

Local providers will be sending letters to residents across Dorset inviting them for a health check. If people are eligible they can also book themselves for a health check with one of our providers.

Where can I get an NHS Health Check?

You can choose to have your NHS Health Check with a NHS Health Check provider at a location easiest for you.

Follow this link to find out where local providers are situated in Ferndown…/where-to-access-service…

It takes no more than 30 minutes where you’ll be asked some simple questions about the health of your family (parents, brothers, sisters) and the lifestyle choices you make that may put your health at risk.

You’ll have your height and weight measured together with your blood pressure and a free cholesterol check. This will help to assess your risk of cardiovascular disease in the next ten years.

After your check you will be given personalised advice about how to reduce your risk and you may need further tests with your GP. You’ll be able to find out how simple lifestyle changes, such as diet and physical activity can lower your risk of developing serious health problems later in life.

Research shows that even small changes to your lifestyle can have a surprising effect on your health.