LOCATION: – New Road West Parley
To enable us to carry out essential highway maintenance works, we plan to close New Road West Parley between 14th and 21st
November 2023.
The road will be closed at night between the hours of 20:00 and 06:00,and will re-open to traffic daily and at weekends.
We will be carrying out targeted and localised repairs to sections of those roads highlighted in red on the attached map. The
recommended diversion route is marked in blue, and this will remain in place for the full duration of the above works. National
regulations state that traffic must be diverted onto roads with the same classification as the one that is closed.
During the closure periods there will be no on street parking available, and temporary parking restrictions will be implemented to
prevent waiting or parking on the roads listed above. Please note that any vehicle waiting in contravention of temporary parking
restrictions may be removed under the provisions of the Removal and Disposal of Vehicles Regulations 1986. If a vehicle has been
removed, the owner must contact the Council’s vehicle recovery contractor: Ashleywood Recovery Ltd/Bride Valley Recovery Ltd on
01305 889421.


If you wish to discuss these works in more detail, please contact me using the details below.
Yours faithfully
Jason Loibl
Site Agent
Dorset Highways
Tel: 01305 228100