The Town Council is permitted to make grants to voluntary bodies and also to charities where no specific grant making power exists in other legislation and where, in the Council’s opinion, the grant will benefit any part of its area or any of the inhabitants. Grant aid is also available under other legislation for support for Community / Village Halls, Crime Prevention Initiatives, Entertainment and the Arts, Parks / Gardens, Tourism and Community Transport etc.

The Town Council have indicated that the following priorities will be met in its grant programme for 2019/20:

Support for Older People. Support for voluntary organisations working with the elderly.

Children and Young People Investing in young people and those organisations working with young people to provide skills and recreational opportunities.

Safer and Stronger Communities Support for initiatives to improve the town environment.

Village / Community Halls Support for improvements to such buildings.

The Town Council within the limitation of the resources available wish to support charities or not-for-profit organisations who are engaged in helping those who live within the Town Council area. Priority will be given to organisations which have a base in the town

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