Your property may now be served by full fibre broadband, giving you access to some of the fastest internet speeds.
Contact your internet service provider (ISP) to see if you can get it

Please see postcodes below that can take fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband:

Fox Lane

BH21 7LP, BH21 7LR, BH21 7LS, BH21 7LT, BH21 7LU

Wimborne Road West

BH21 7NN, BH21 7NW


BH21 7LT, BH21 7LX, BH21 7LY, BH21 7NA, BH21 7NB

Henchard Close (Ferndown)

BH22 8LH


BH22 8ST, BH22 8SU, BH22 9AP, BH22 9BU, BH22 9DP, BH22 9DY, BH22 8TB, BH22 9DR, BH22 9DU, BH22 9DX, BH22 9DY, BH22 9FJ

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