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Ferndown North Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch organisation in Ferndown is split into the North and South Sections.  Each section covers about 3000 homes. Members are asked to make a minimum donation of £1.00 per year to cover expenses.  The organisation in each part of Ferndown  is maintained by some 120 volunteer contacts and co-ordinators who distribute the magazines, distribute police updates on local crime and disorder and generally watch out for the welfare of their neighbours.

Aims and Activities.

  • Maintain the Neighbourhood Watch as a community volunteer organisation.
  • Provide members with information and advice related to home and neighbourhood security. 
  • Produce and distribute a quarterly magazine with updates on such information.
  • Liase and co-operate with other N.W groups, with PACT and the Police and the Housing Association  to further these aims.
  • Support local groups, e.g. youth organisations with financial help thus helping to encourage young people to play a productive and useful role in society.
  • Co-operate with local schools  through the medium of regular writing competitions to help young people to think about the community in which they live and how they should behave responsibly .

We are welcoming to all new volunteers and members.

 If you wish to help in this very worthwhile activity, please contact us via our secretary

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Jenny Bristow)

telephone : 01202 922938