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Slop Bog Guardians

If you are interested in joining the Guardians of Slop Bog please contact Dorset Countryside.

Slop Bog is a place for people and nature. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Local Nature Reserve managed by Dorset Countryside. Visitors have the rare opportunity to easily cross the spagnum bog via the boardwalk, which also provides excellent pond dipping opportunities. Relatively short paths also meander through heathland, wet woodland and conifer plantation all within this small reserve (22.6 hectares).

Slop Bog is home to many specialised and some rare species including: Dragonflies and Damselflies (14 recorded species). Silver-studded Blue butterflies. Also Common Frogs, Grass-snakes, Palmate newts. Plants especially adapted to the heath and bog. Marsh Gentian, Bog Asphodel, White Beak-sedge and Sundew.

The Slop Bog Guardians hold regular Work Parties each month and assist the Dorset Countryside Conservation Rangers in the site's management. We are interested in increasing local knowledge by encouraging participation in Slop Bog's management and to bring people together in enjoying this valuable green space.

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