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Beekeepers Association

Bournemouth and Dorset South Beekeepers Association

Our association has existed since 2008 and its members form a group of friendly people who have an interest in bees. BADS-BKA is affiliated to the British Beekeepers’ Association.

Our aim is to promote beekeeping, encourage new beekeepers and raise the awareness of the importance of bees in the natural world. We provide:

  • A body of expertise in beekeeping
  • A forum for discussion
  • Weekly summer meetings in the Association Apiary at Ferndown
  • Winter meetings for talks and lectures
  • An Apiary for demonstrations and education which may also be used by new members to keep their first bees
  • An annual Honey show
  • An extensive library
  • Arrangements for insurance
  • BBKA beekeeping classes
  • Talks to other groups (Scouts, Schools and other associations and societies)
  • A supply of honey for sale

Contact Details

Contact Name: Peter Darley

Telephone: 01202 767654

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