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St Leonards Hospital & Friends of St Leonards Hospital

THE ST LEONARDS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL is situated just outside Ferndown in Dorset. The hospital was originally built in war time to look after the injured American and Canadian military forces that were flown Hurn Airport. In war time the hospital was built to house 1000 injured servicemen.

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The League of Friends for St Leonards Hospital was formed in 1955. It is the voluntary support organisation for St Leonards Community Hospital, and its aims are to give service and raise funds to improve facilities and equipment for the benefit of patients and staff. Its Constitution ensures that money received and raised is used solely to benefit the hospital. The League publishes an Annual Report and Audited Accounts each year. These can be viewed on the Charity Commissioners website.


The League welcomes new members. Becoming a member does not automatically involve you in any extra work or activity. Your support of our cause for the benefit of The St Leonards Hospital League of Friends is what we would value. Your membership will ensure that you are kept in touch with the League’s activities. It also provides support for the hospital in these challenging times.

Working with the community and other organisations

The League of Friends works closely in the community. The Ferndown Rotary Club has contributed garden furniture for staff plus planters and a shed for the sensory garden they also contribute plants throughout the hospital which gives a welcoming and cheerful approach. Verwood Rotary also supports the hospital. We are grateful for the support of the Rotary Clubs.


The St. Leonards Community Hospital League of Friends is reliant on volunteer help. We need people to come forward to help the Friends in their support of the hospital.

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