Cobham Road and Wimborne Road West

The next phase of Dorset and BCP Councils’ multi-million pound Transforming Travel programme is due to start construction at the junction of Cobham Road and Wimborne Road West, Ferndown.
This project aims to encourage active, sustainable ways of getting around locally, reducing traffic
congestion, improving air quality and helping residents to enjoy the area more on foot or other means such as bikes, scooters, mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

This phase of the works is around the Junction of Cobham Road and Wimborne Road West. The
works are planned to start 17 October 2022 and complete early 2023. This work will include the
upgrading of the signals at the Wimborne Road East/Cobham Road junction to include
pedestrian/cycling facilities, widening the existing footpath on the north side of Wimborne Road West from Cobham Road to Award Road to become a shared path for walking and cycling and the upgrading of the bus stop.